Monday, July 3, 2017

Finished Acoustic Chamber!

June 30, 2017

The acoustic chamber is finished! Took this week to drill the final holes for the wires that had to go into the chamber. We learned that drilling holes through the foam wasn't the greatest idea. The foam ripped off from the soundboard instead of just drilling a hole. So, we had to replace the foam but still works well! After running a test, we see that the box was able to block around 20 dB of sound. 

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Real Research!

June 23, 2014

This week was super cool because we started working on making our own acoustic chamber! Using construction tools, we cut up wood to build the frame of the box. It's actually pretty stable! It was really exciting to see the box come together. The acoustic chamber is going to be useful for testing multiple acoustic attacks simultaneously. Here's a picture of me planning out where to place the sound absorbing foam inside the acoustic chamber!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Finished with my first research paper (Start up, of course)

June 16, 2017

Fourth week of research and I'm glad to say I'm done with my startup project! It's honestly been a while since I've written a paper like this, so it was good for me to get back into writing. This has been such a good learning experience, since I've gotten to dabble with python, Latex and technical writing. I'm sure I could've done better if I had done more technical writing before this, but still a good starting point. There's definitely more I could learn and I hope the feedback I get will better my writing skills! Finally, getting back to real research! :)


June 09, 2017

It's already the third week of research?! This week was filled with fun and learning. The fun being the lab kayak meeting-ish! Okay, it wasn't really a meeting since we were all focused on not flipping our kayaks over. But it was still super enjoyable to get a day to go out and not be staring at my project not working. A picture of us all ready to go! The learning of this week has been that research is like programming. You have no idea why it's not working, but then you finally find the bug and that feeling of it "working" is great!

Pizza with SPQR

June 02, 2017

Second week of research! The highlight of this week has been a pizza party at Professor's Fu house!
Let me tell you something. An outdoor brick oven has now been put on my bucket list for my future. It makes amazing pizza. Even though it was partially thunder storming, the pizza turned out great and it was tons of fun! I think we made 5 out of the 8 pizzas meat lovers... Making pizza for the first time was also fun! Shout out to Professor Fu for teaching us! Enjoy a picture of our pizza cooking, since I can't physically share the pizza! The thermal couples for the brick oven were so cool! The oven heated up to 900 degrees! Fahrenheit, of course. On the research side of this week, it has been a struggle. What once worked is now not working. But hopefully we will figure it out soon! 

Monday, June 12, 2017

First Week with Everyone!

May, 25, 2016

This week is the first week after the paper deadline! Currently, I am working on a start up project that I can’t currently talk about, but it is has been fun and frustrating. It’s interesting to be sad that I’m not breaking anything. Also this week, I went to a security reading group called SECRIT (SECurity Reading Is Terrific). It was an interesting discussion about  about Tor, a software and anonymity network. And here’s a fun comic about security!

Finished Acoustic Chamber!

June 30, 2017 The acoustic chamber is finished! Took this week to drill the final holes for the wires that had to go into the chamber. We ...