Friday, June 16, 2017

Pizza with SPQR

June 02, 2017

Second week of research! The highlight of this week has been a pizza party at Professor's Fu house!
Let me tell you something. An outdoor brick oven has now been put on my bucket list for my future. It makes amazing pizza. Even though it was partially thunder storming, the pizza turned out great and it was tons of fun! I think we made 5 out of the 8 pizzas meat lovers... Making pizza for the first time was also fun! Shout out to Professor Fu for teaching us! Enjoy a picture of our pizza cooking, since I can't physically share the pizza! The thermal couples for the brick oven were so cool! The oven heated up to 900 degrees! Fahrenheit, of course. On the research side of this week, it has been a struggle. What once worked is now not working. But hopefully we will figure it out soon! 

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